中古ギターなのでオールドギターズ、普通なら"old"ですがアイルランドのパブソング"The Auld Triangle"からauldを借りました。





@auldguitars 市原眞也


AULDGUITARS is a small online used guitar store started by a private individual.

I borrowed the name "Auld" from the Irish pub song "The Auld Triangle".

I started this store because I love acoustic guitars and want to collect guitars that I like, but I thought I would go bankrupt if I did nothing else, so I thought that if I sold them and made a business out of it, I could balance what I wanted to do with my life. It is what I call a hobby and a practical profit. On the other hand, I also have the lofty idea that there are many old men like myself who have a lot of guitars at home that they never play, and that we should pull them out of the closet and hand them over to talented young musicians.

The selection of guitars is quite eclectic at this point, as it is mainly my own collection. I love traditional European music, especially Irish music, and I play it myself, so I love guitars like Lowden and have been collecting them. However, I am sure that there must be many more wonderful guitars in the world that I don't know about, and I would like to collect such guitars from now on.

I myself have no experience in this industry, nor do I have any specialized knowledge. But fortunately, a good friend and classmate of mine from elementary school has been working in a guitar store for a long time and recently started his own business, so I plan to ask him for advice and direct help with repair and maintenance. (This is Mr. Takashima of a store called Tailors Guitar in Shizuoka City.) When I sell the guitar, I would like to have it checked by him and hand it over to the customer in a condition that I myself am fully satisfied with. I would like to learn more about maintenance and repair myself. I expect that I will learn a lot from customers who know a lot.

I think guitars are a source of inspiration. Having a good guitar in one's hands is a way for a musician to expand his or her range of expression. The expression, texture, and reverberation of the sound can create a sense of something within you. I hope to hand out wonderful guitars that create such a feeling.

@auldguitars Shinya Ichihara