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Northwood R70 MJV

Northwood R70 MJV

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Larriveeギター出身のカナダのルシアーJohn McQuarrie氏のハンドメイドギターで、2005年前後のものと推測されます。

こちらはVenetian Mini Jumbo Cutawayと呼ばれるモデルで、ボディ横幅の最大が410mmと大きめのギターです。








This is a handmade guitar by Canadian luthier John McQuarrie from Larrivee Guitars, and is estimated to be around 2005.

This is a Venetian Mini Jumbo Cutaway model, which is a larger guitar with a maximum body width of 410mm.

There is a little crack on the top of the body between the 1st and 2nd strings above the sound hole. There is also a crack in the paint under the top center bridge, and a patch has been applied from the back side to prevent the wood from cracking. There is also a dents on the back of the neck.(See photos)

However, the overall condition is not bad and does not affect the playability.

The neck is in good condition, and the string height is 2.0 mm for the first string and 2.5 mm for the sixth string at the 12th fret, which is a standard setting.

It has a beautiful tone with good balance from low to high notes. The high notes, especially on the high frets, are clear and suitable for solo guitar playing.

Non-genuine hard case is included.

Click here to see a video of the test (youtube).

Top:Engelmann Spruce
Side&Back:Indian Rosewood
Pick Guard:Clear
Pick up:None
Nut width:43mm
Case:Boblen Hard Case

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