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Megas Athena Archtop Engelmann spruce 2007

Megas Athena Archtop Engelmann spruce 2007

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オレゴン州、ポートランドのルシアー、テッド・メガス(Ted Megas)のギターです。


2007年に前オーナーが直接注文したギターで、注文内容はイングルマン・スプルーストップ、25インチ(635mm)スケール、ナット幅43mm、22フレット、ボックスインレイ無しのフレットボード、ボディのリム幅3 3/8インチで、その他はAthenaのスタンダードスペックです。







This guitar is by Portland, Oregon luthier Ted Megas.

The Engelmann spruce gives this guitar an impressive light-colored top.

The guitar was ordered directly from the previous owner in 2007 and features an Engelmann spruce top, 25" (635mm) scale, 43mm nut width, 22 frets, fretboard without box inlays, body rim depth is 3 3/8", and other standard Athena specifications.

Overall, there are no scratches or dings, and there is no history of restoration. The guitar appears to have been treated with care.

There are no problems with the electrical system. The neck is in good condition and there are plenty of frets left.

This guitar has a rich volume due to its large 17" wide body, and a beautiful tone due to its elaborate construction like a work of art.

It weighs 2,580g.

A solid genuine hard case is included.

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