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Lowden S32C 1999

Lowden S32C 1999

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From the serial number, this S32C was probably manufactured around 1999.

According to the current specifications, the S model has a short scale of 630mm, but this S32C has a long scale of 650mm. According to the catalogs of the time, this was the standard specification.

Overall, it seems to have been played a lot and has many fine scratches and dings. In addition, there is a trace of adhesive repair on the back bracing. There is a 3cm crack on the back, but it does not move and does not appear to need repair.

The neck is in good condition, and the string height is 6 string 2.25mm and 1 string 1.75mm at the 12th fret position, and there is plenty of room in the saddle. The frets are also in good playing condition.

There seems to be a history of pickup installation, and the end pins have been widened. Currently, the pickups have been removed.

The tone has an ethereal reverb-like tone typical of Lowden, but with a taut sound that comes from the long scale.

Comes with original hard case.

Click here to see a video of test playing.

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