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Lowden O-32 '90s

Lowden O-32 '90s

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Lowden Oシリーズの32、1990年代のものと思われます。






32 of the Lowden O series, probably around '90s.

The O is the original O, and it is said that George Rhoden first made it. The top is Sitka spruce and the back and sides are a combination of Indian rosewood and non-cutaway. The spruce has a nice color. No pickup installed. Both fingerpicking and flatpicking sound beautifully with the calm tone unique to old instruments.

As for the overall condition, there are several dents and scratches on the top, but there are no major conspicuous scratches, and I think it is in good condition. There is no problem with the condition of the neck. The string height is 2.0mm for the 6th string and 1.75mm for the 1st string, which is standard, and the saddle is also 3mm on the 6th string side.

There are no accessories such as owner cards. A genuine Hiscox hard case is included.

Click here for a demo video (youtube)


Top:Sitka Spruce
Side:Indian Rosewood
Back:Indian Rosewood
Pick Guard:Clear
Pick up:None
Nut width:45mm
Case:Original Hiscox Hard Case

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