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Lowden F32 1990's

Lowden F32 1990's

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Lowden Fシリーズの32、1990年代製です。1993〜4年頃ではないかと推測されます。



当時のProvenance、Warrenty Bookletと純正ハードケースが付属します。


This is a Lowden F series 32, made in the 1990's. I estimate it to be around 1993-4.

The top is a standard combination of Sitka spruce and Indian rosewood side back.
As for the overall condition, there are no scratches or dings that stand out, except for the no pickguard and some picking scratches around the soundhole.

However, there is a crack repaired around the base of the neck head. This has been properly repaired, including the paint. The condition of the neck is also fine. The string height is set at 2.0mm on the 6th string and 1.5mm on the 1st string.

Comes with Provenance, Warrenty Booklet and genuine hard case from that time.


Top:Sitka Spruce
Side:Indian Rosewood
Back:Indian Rosewood
Pick Guard:None
Pick up:None
Nut width:43mm
Case:Original Hiscox Hard Case

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