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Lowden F23C '90s

Lowden F23C '90s

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Lowden F23カッタウェイの1990年代製造です。





This is a Lowden F23 cutaway manufactured in the 1990s.

The top is a combination of cedar and the side backs are walnut. Although it is an older piece, it is in good condition, with a paint crack under the top saddle, but it has not reached the wood. A strap pin has been retrofitted to the neck tail, and no endpin is included. The frets are not worn out, the neck is nearly straight, and the truss rod is barely tightened. The string height is low, 2.0mm on the 6th string and 1.75mm on the 1st string. The nut width is 43mm, which is narrower than the normal line.

The sound is a wonderful combination of responsive cedar and hard, deep walnut, with a very long sustain.

A genuine Hiscox hard case is included.

Click here for a demo video(youtube)

Pick Guard:None
Pick up:None
Nut width:43mm
Case:Original Hiscox Hard Case

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