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Fylde Mandola 1988

Fylde Mandola 1988

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イギリスのハンドメイドギター・弦楽器メーカーのFyldeの、1988年製のマンドラです。現在のFyldeのラインナップでは"Touchstone Octave Mandola"にあたるものとのことです。









This is a 1988 octave mandola from Fylde, a British handmade guitar and stringed instrument manufacturer. It is the "Touchstone Octave Mandola" in the current Fylde lineup.

It is usually referred to as an octave mandolin, with a scale of approximately 530mm and tuned in GDAE, an octave lower than a mandolin.

The top of this one is made of cedar and the side back is made of mahogany.

It has a rich bass, moist treble, and long sustain.

There are few scratches and dents, and no wood cracks or breaks. There does not appear to be any major repairs.

The string height is a little high at the 12th fret, 3.25mm for the 4th string and 2.5mm for the 1st string, but the string height can be adjusted by shaving the saddle.

Comes with an older, presumably original hard case.

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