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Flatiron Mandola 2MW 1984

Flatiron Mandola 2MW 1984

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スプルーストップ、バックサイドはメイプル、ネックはマホガニー製。当時のカタログによるとモデル名の2MWは"Extra Fancy Western Maple"を使用している、との表記があります。





Flatiron was a manufacturer that mainly made mandolins in Montana, Minnesota since the 1980s, and was later acquired by Gibson to support its operations as the company's mandolin division.

This mandola is one size larger than a mandolin, with a 432mm scale and a 30mm nut width; it is usually tuned at CGDA, 5 degrees lower than a mandolin.

It has a spruce top, maple backside, and mahogany neck. According to the catalog of the time, the model name 2MW is made of "Extra Fancy Western Maple".

There are some crack repair marks on the neck end and the upper part of the top sound hole. It has been patched from the back side and has been properly repaired. Other than that, there are no other noticeable scratches or dents, and the mandola is clean for its age.

The tone is pure and clean, and the instrument is very easy to play.

Click here to see a video of the test (youtube).

Top: Spruce
Back & Side:Extra Fancy Western Maple
Neck: Mahogany
Pick up:None
Nut width:30mm
Case:Hard Case

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