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A.B.Manson&Co. Dove 1992

A.B.Manson&Co. Dove 1992

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A.B.Manson&Co. Dove 1992

アンディ・マンソンというイギリスで60年代から活躍する伝説的なアコースティックギターのルシアーのメーカーです。弟であるヒュー・マンソンはエレクトリックギターの制作者とし、現在もManson Guitar Worksというメーカーでギターを作っています。

A.B.Manson Co.は1980年代に、当時アンディ・マンソンと一緒に働いていた技師と一緒に立ち上げた会社で、現在はBrook Guitarsというメーカーとしてギターを作っています。またアンディ・マンソン自身は個人製作家として、非常に美しいギターやマンドリン、ブズーキなどを制作しています。






Andy Manson, a legendary acoustic guitar luthier, has been active in England since the 1960s. His brother, Hugh Manson, is an electric guitar maker and still makes guitars under the name Manson Guitar Works. Brook Guitars. Andy Manson himself is a private maker of very beautiful guitars, mandolins, and bouzoukis.

This Dove is a doled out note style guitar similar to the Martin D28, with a spruce top and Indian rosewood sideback. 1992, it has the appearance of age, but it has been treated with care and is in beautiful condition with no major scratches or cracks.

The neck is straight and the string height is set low. The neck is straight and the string height is set low.

The guitar has been carefully handcrafted and above all, it has a wonderful soft yet powerful sound. The bass is deep and resonant, and the treble is clear and sparkling. The neck is thin and easy to play.

It comes with what appears to be a genuine Hiscoks hard case.

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Body Type: Dreadnought
Top Wood: Spruce
Back & Sides: Indian Rosewood 
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Ebony
Case: Hiscox Hardshell Case


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